Studio Policy

Should you have any concerns regarding these Studio Policies, please call Mrs. Brenner at 740.816.5511 to discuss them. Students will be notified if changes are made. From time to time, exceptions may be made when agreed upon in advance. Thank you!

Tuition for all lessons:

  • $115/mo for 30-minutes, $172.50/mo for 45-minutes, $230/mo for 60-minutes (may be revised at any time with 30 days notice to the parent/student)
Multiple children/instruments/subjects discounts:
  • 5% off the entire balance for 75+ minutes each week from the same family
  • 10% off the entire balance for 120+ minutes each week from the same family
Paid in advance discounts:
  • 5% off for paying 6 months in advance
  • 9% off for paying 9 months in advance
  • 12% off for paying 12 months in advance
Discounts may be combined; however, NO MORE THAN a 12% discount will be available at any time. In rare instances that Mrs. Brenner travels to the student, an additional travel fee may be charged.


  • Liability: Students and families understand that Mrs. Brenner and her family are not liable for any accidents, injuries, mishaps, or other negative situations from traveling to/from or being at lessons.
  • Tuition: Tuition is based on 45 lessons per 12 month period, divided into equal monthly installments. All tuition is non-refundable per the above rates and discounts. Tuition is due by the 15th of each month for the next month. On the 16th of the month, tuition is considered to be "late," and a $10 per student late fee may apply. If the first month of lessons is not a full month, tuition will be pro-rated based on $60/hour.
  • Rescheduling: Lessons canceled with at least 24 hours advance notice are eligible for rescheduling. However, since each student is paying for 46 lessons per year, some canceled lessons may not be rescheduled. We will keep track of this throughout the year and make sure that any lessons that do need to rescheduled are placed on the calendar. On snow days, please communicate with Mrs. Brenner -- sometimes lessons may still be available. On most holidays (federal and Christian), Mrs. Brenner will not be teaching. Each month, she will inform families of any dates on which lessons will not be offered.
  • Withdrawal: Should you need to withdraw from Mrs. Brenner's studio at any time for any reason, at least one full month's notice is required (30+ days). No refunds and no pro-rating upon withdrawal.
  • Illness: When a student or parent who would be otherwise coming to the lesson is ill, please reschedule. This helps keep Mrs. Brenner healthy for her other students! Even if you provide less than 24 hours notice, rescheduling will be attempted. Just please don't come if you're sick. Before each lesson, please kindly wash your hands with soap and water -- this helps, as well!
  • Books & Materials: For music lessons, all books up to $60/year per students are included in the cost of tuition. Should we exceed that dollar amount, then the retail price of the book plus 10% for tax/shipping will be charged. For tutoring, in most cases Mrs. Brenner covers the cost of the materials but will notify the parent in advance if something else is required.
  • Music Group Classes & Recitals: From time to time, Mrs. Brenner will hold music group classes for music students (does not apply to academics/tutoring). There will be no additional charge for these! These are group classes to help students to prepare for recitals, socialize with other students, play games and have lots of fun around music. In addition, there will be no charge for recitals, and Mrs. Brenner will hold at least one per year (usually there are 2-3). Furthermore, activities are available through Piano Guild, Ohio Music Teachers Association, the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, and much more. All of these opportunities will be communicated to parents and students.
    • Spring Recital 2017 is Friday, April 21 at Graves Recital Hall - mark your calendar for 5-7:30pm and more details will be available by February 2017 (all music students under the age of 18 are expected to participate)
  • Communication & Methodology: If you are unhappy with lessons, methodology, approach, pedagogical issues, etc., please please please discuss this with Mrs. Brenner. Communication is key. All parents should read the book To Learn With Love by Constance Starr. While this book is based on the Suzuki method and music lessons, the approaches described in the book govern Mrs. Brenner's overall teaching philosophy. A few copies of this book are available to loan to families -- just ask Mrs. Brenner.
  • Music Practice: Together, we will encourage and support practice. However, music lessons are a privilege, and practicing should not be homework -- it will have a negative connotation and the student will hate it. Parents agree to make practicing fun, something the student gets to do rather than has to do, and to never discipline a student for failing to practice. Positive reinforcement only, please; otherwise, the student will simply end up hating lessons.
  • Music Lessons: During the lessons, parents should please sit quietly and take notes. Mrs. Brenner does not take lesson notes -- this is the responsibility of the parent. It is imperative that the parent of a preK-5th grade child stay for the lessons; otherwise, there will be no one to guide the child's practice at home, and the child will be unable to practice on his/her own. For a middle school student, a parent is encouraged to stay and still take notes, and gradually teach the student how to begin practicing on his/her own but with some supervision. By high school, if a parent is not present at the lessons because the student is taking notes and practicing independently, this is fine -- Mrs. Brenner may call you once a month or so to discuss lessons so that communication remains open.
  • Academics/Tutoring Lessons: The reverse is true of these lessons -- Mrs. Brenner prefers that parents do not stay. However, be sure to send the student with any homework or textbooks of concerns, a pencil, an eraser, a calculator (for math), and any recent notes from the classroom instructor or graded assignments that are relevant to the tutoring.
  • Communicating with Classroom Teachers: Mrs. Brenner is happy to communicate with classroom teachers at a child's school. If you believe this is necessary, please discuss this with Mrs. Brenner at the beginning of the next lesson or by giving her a phone call.
  • Pictures, Videos and Use: Mrs. Brenner may take photographs or videos of students during lessons, group classes, at recitals, or through other means. Parents and students agree that Mrs. Brenner has the right to professionally use these images and videos as she sees fit in the marketing of her studio, demonstration of her teaching or for educational purposes both for herself and for other students. However, Mrs. Brenner agrees not to publicly disclose more than the first name and age of the student without the prior written consent of the adult student and/or parent of a child.
Most importantly, if you ever have any questions whatsoever, contact Mrs. Brenner! :)